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Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences
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Speciality Clinics
Child & Adolescent Mental Health: A weekly Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic (CAPC) provides mental health care to the children and adolescents. It provides services for the psychiatric and behavioral problems of the children and adolescents as well as counseling about school related problems. Common problems seen in the clinic include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), academic problems; conduct disorders, developmental delays, enuresis, etc.   As per need, parents are requested to involve themselves actively in the treatment process.  Patient counseling services are regular activity of this clinic. 

Mental Retardation Clinic: It is being run on a weekly basis by a multidisciplinary team consisting of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and psychiatric social workers. Special parent training programmes are also organized for parents of children with mental retardation. Information is imparted regarding medical, family and social needs of these children.  The clinic serves an important need of such children for certification required after special schooling and disability benefits. 

 Marital & Psychosexual Clinic: This is a weekly specialty clinic, that offers service to patients with marital and sexual problems.  A joint team of psychiatrists and clinical psychologists is running it. A number of patients attending the service have sexual misconceptions or myths related to sex which respond well to sex education and counseling. Other common disorders include impotence, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
 Tobacco Cessation Clinic: This clinic is part of a National Tobacco Initiative by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India and World Health Organization.  The Institute is recognized as the National Coordinating and Resource Center. This clinic is held thrice a week on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon under the care of a multi-disciplinary team.  The treatment modalities offered are both pharmacological and psychosocial with emphasis on counseling and behaviour management. 
 Neurobehaviour Clinic: This clinic is run every Friday by a joint team of neurologists, psychiatrists and psychiatric social workers.  It provides services to patients with cognitive decline and  behavioural  problems of neurological origin such as dementia (Alzheimer’s disease), age associated memory impairment, behavioural disturbances associated with various medical and neurological illnesses.  Besides prescribing medical treatment, support group meetings are held regularly with the patients and family members.  The family members are given knowledge about the disease and necessary support and coping skills to take better care of the patients. 
 Drug Abuse Treatment & Rehabilitation Clinic:  It is being run twice a week on Wednesday and Friday afternoon.  It offers service to the patients with problems of drug abuse and alcoholism.  Most of the clientele consists of patients abusing smack (heroin), alcohol, cannabis products (bhang, ganja, etc.  A multidisciplinary team consisting of psychiatrist, clinical psychologists and psychiatric social workers is running the clinic.
 Movement Disorder Clinic: This clinic is held every Wednesday for patients with drug induced  movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, progressive supraneuclear palsy, etc.  Advanced treatment like botulinum toxin injections are given to the patients with focal dystonia.

Epilepsy Clinic: This clinic is run every Tuesday afternoon with an aim to treat but also provide knowledge about epilepsy to patients and their family members, through direct inter-action and brochures. Support groups share their problems & experiences guided by social worker. Special attention is paid to women, children and chronic epilepsy patients who are refractory to treatment.

Pain Relief Clinic & Pre-Anaesthetic Check up Clinic: Neuro-anaesthesiology  department has started the Pain Relief Clinic & Pre-Anaesthetic Check up Clinic(PAC). This clinic is held every Monday and Friday afternoon in room No. 23 of OPD block. 

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Last Updated :30/Apr/2022