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Babu Jagjivan Ram Memorial
Timeline of Services
116th    Aug. 1993OPd    Services
23rd    Sep.1996IPD    Services
315th    Nov1999Casulaty    Services
415Th    Nov.1999Maternity    & Neonatal Services
515    Nov. 1999M.L.C
61st    Nov.2000Hospital    Morturary Services
718th    Oct.2001Chest    Clinics
89th    Sep. 2006Computerization    of OPD Registration
91st    Nov. 2011Senior    Citizen Help Desk
108th    Sep. 2012Blood    Storage Centre
1126th    Nov. 2012OST    Clinics
1216th    Dec. 2012Affiliation    to Sushila School of Nursing
1317th    Dec. 2012Unani    OPD

Chief Minister
Shri Arvind Kejriwal
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