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Centralised Accident and Trauma Services
Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
  1. What is the function of CATS?
  2. Ans.   CATS provides first aid at site of accident and transport accident patients from the site of accident to the hospital if necessary.

  3.  How does CATS function?
  4. Ans.   CATS functions through Network of Ambulance & strategically located on specific locations all over Delhi .These ambulances are connected through wireless with CATS Control Room and are manned by  two  personnel , One trained Paramedics /AAO and  one Driver. These are equipped with medical and non- medical items for patient care.

  5. How to Approach CATS?
  6. Ans.   Dial 102 or 1099 which are toll free numbers.

  7. Does it provide free service? .
  8. Ans.  Yes, in all cases of medical emergency/accident/trauma/ pregnancies/ neo natal emergencies.

  9. Are CATS ambulance available for shifting the patient from residence to hospital and from hospital to residence?
  10. Ans.  Yes.

  11. Are CATS ambulance available for shifting those patients who are coming by Train and Aeroplanes and want the service of CATS ambulance from Bus Terminal, Railway stations and Airport and on what conditions?
  12. Yes, available free of cost in all types of  medical emergencies

  13.  Does CATS provide service out of Delhi?
  14. Ans.  . No, only in case of accidents / medical emergencies within NCT of Delhi

Chief Minister
Shri Arvind Kejriwal
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Last Updated : 08-Jan-2016