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Centralised Accident and Trauma Services
Transfer Policy
  1. Tenure of posting  of all the employees shall  be fixed for 2 years in a zone.  Initially  the regular staff based on the  seniority list will be allowed to choose   his/her posting place in any zone by counselling . Subsequently,  the  contractual staff will be allowed to  choose the place of posting based on seniority for each category ,separately.
  3. After 2 years, the complete set of employees  in a zone both regular and contractual of all the categories will be shifted to  the next zone as per rotation in Hub-1 to Hub-3 represented below. In case the  same number of posts are not available in a zone, they will be shifted to the  next available zone  e.g. if there are 20  and 10 ambulance paramedics in the  New  Delhi  and  South West respectively. After 2 years when  the officials posted in New Delhi will move to   South West zone, only 10 seats of the   South West will be filled and the remaining 10 officials will spill over  to the next zone i.e South.



  4. Within a zone, the allocation  of duty/ vehicles will be the duty of ZAO/ HQs.
  6. Mutual Transfers  /Special transfers on medical  grounds/exchange/ changing of residence etc   may be done once in six months . The   Requests for transfers will be entertained   from Ist   to  15th of June  and Ist to   15th of November every year and transfer order will be issued  in the months of July and January  of the  same year.
  8. Intra zone transfers may be  made by the ZAO under the broad guidelines issued from the HQs.
  10. Inter zone transfers to be made  from HQs only.
  12. ZAOs may recommend special  transfer cases to HQs along with detailed report on reasons for recommendation  which will be dealt with on case to case basis.
  14. Posting at Head Quarters will  be for a  maximum period of two years  only.
  16. The Director( CATS) reserves  his right to transfer  any  staff for administrative reasons at any point  of time to any place.

Chief Minister
Shri Arvind Kejriwal
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Last Updated : 08-Jan-2016