Adjudicating Officer Order - Food Safety

S. No. Case Title Date
1 In the matter of Rajpal Singh Versus Arun Kumar Jindal 05/09/2016
2 In the matter of R P Singh Versus Abdul Kadir , Ranjiv Kumar,Gullus Bar B Que 05/09/2016
3 In the matter of Food Safety Officer Versus Neeraj Kumar Tyagi, The Claridge Hotel, Rajinder Kr. Chaudhary, A.L Chaudhary 05/09/2016
4 In the matter of Raj Pal Singh Versus Naveen, Parkash Chand Pandey, Devyani International Ltd 05/09/2016
5 In the matter of Bal Mukund Versus Ayan, Vinayak Ratnakar Gawande 05/09/2016
6 In the matter of Bal Mukund Versus Gautam Khanna 05/09/2016
7 In the matter of Bal mukund Versus Raghuveer Singh Chauhan, Vasudha Munjal 05/09/2016
8 In the matter of Hukum Singh Versus Anita Lalwani 05/09/2016
9 In the matter of S P Singh Versus Ramesh Chand 05/09/2016
10 In the matter of RP Singh Versus Upendra Kumar Mehto, Butterup Confectionery 05/09/2016
11 In the matter of Ranjit Singh , Chander Bhushan jha , D S Rana , Himalaya Hospitality 05/09/2016
12 In the matter of S.P. Singh Versus Dinesh Kumar Gupta , Yogesh Chand Sharma 31/08/2016
13 In the matter of R.K. Bhaskar Versus Naresh Kumar,Karan Jain 31/08/2016
14 In the matter of Bal Mukund Versus Upender kumar Mahto , Butterup Confectioner Ltd 31/08/2016
15 In the matter of Bal Mukund Versus Anita Lalwani 05/09/2016
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