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Summary of Trades affiliated TO SCVT


1.   INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT) SMART HEALTHCARE: IoT Technician Smart healthcare ; The trainee will learn to test the electronics components and circuits to locate the faults, using electronic equipment like oscilloscope ,signal generator,ammeters,voltmeters, millimeters. replace defective component and performs basic /SMD ,soldering/de-soldering. Assembles, tests and troubleshooting of digital circuits. Constructs and testing of power supply circuit for proper functioning . Install and interconnect different computer systems  ,networking for different applications .Developing  various   standard electronics circuits using electronics simulation software .Applies the principle of sensors and transducers for various IoT applications. Plans and Interface of I/O devices to evaluate performance with microcontrollers.

Future scope:

·      Can join as a technician in different IoT application industries for repair, servicing and installation of IoT devices.

·      Can join Apprenticeship program in different types of industries leading to National Apprenticeship certificate (NAC).

·      Can join Crafts Instructor Training Scheme (CITS) in the trade for becoming instructor in ITIs.

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Shri Arvind Kejriwal
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Last Updated :25/Jun/2021