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Chapter 9
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Subject Matter   Para
Attachment of Salary   1.22
Average Emoluments Advances   6.4
  General 8.1
Sanction of advances by Head of Office 8.2
Other duties of Head of Office 8.3
Transfer of balances (iii) 8.4
Reconciliation of balances 8.4  (iv)
Arrears of deceased   6.23

Bill register  1.25
Bill Preparation  2.6
Bills & Pay order on Bill  2.37
Bills of Medical attendence 2.52
Budgetary controls   2.16
Bank reconciliation statement   3.11
Conveyance allowance   2.53
Cheques/Cheque Books Cheque Books-Forms of Cheques  3.15
Loss of Cheques          3.17
Issue of Account payee & open Cheques 3.18
Lowest limit of amount of cheque 3.19
Correction in cheques 3.20
Currency of cheque 3.21
Cancellcation of cheque 3.22
Indenting & custody of cheque books 3.30
Stock Register of cheques 3.31
Stock taking of cheques 3.32
Categories of cheques 3.33
Cheque drawing DDO Payment of other offices   3.3 
Payment other than Pay & contigencies 3.4 
Procedure for payments by DDO's 3.6
Commutation of Pension   6.16
  Restrictions limitations etc.       6.17
When becomes absolute 6.19
without medical examination 6.20
Authorisation & Payment after medical examination 6.21
Cheques drawing departmental officers 1.31
Classification on the bills
Countersignature of the TA bills
Contingent Expenditure/ Meaning Charges 
Bills of contingent expenditure 2.46
Fully vouched charges  
Responsibility of DDOs 
Types of Contingent charges
Concellation of vouchers etc.  
General Limitations for payments out of contingency & Certificate s with bills
Record of Expenditure 
  Scale related charges  2.49 (i)
  Special Contigencies 2.49 (iii)
DDO General  1.2
Types of DDO 1.3
Drawal of Funds Drawal & disbursement of Pay & Allowances and Other fixed allowances 2.17
  Payments other than Pay & Contingencies 3.4 
Defalcation & Losses 1.35
Drawal of TA 2.24
Dues Govt. dues (General) 6.15
  Dues of Directorate of Estate 6.15 (A)
Dues other than relating to Govt. accommodation 6.15 (B)
G.P.F. Accounts Maintenance of Account 7.1
Allotment of Account Nos. 7.2
Ledger  7.3
Recovery Schedules 7.4
Entries in GPF Accounts 7.5
Broad sheet 7.6
Nomination 7.8
Transfer of GPF Account 7.9
Calculation of Interest on GPF 7.11
Incentive Bonus on GPF 7.12
Pass-Book 7.13
Final Payments 7.14
Payments under D.L.I 7.15
L.T.C. Claim Important Checks  2.30 
Letter of credit Its submission  3.2 
List of Payments Non payment certificate 3.10 
Loss of cheque   3.23 
Leave Account   4.6
Pension Qualifying Services 6.8
Pension papers   6.5
Pre- mature retirement   6.7
Provisional Pension & Gratuity   6.10
Public Fund & Expenditure therefrom   2.12
Rendition of Accounts   1.26
Recoveries on account of Professional Tax etc.   1.23 1.26
Receipt against the amounts received   1.33
Refunds of Revenue   2.4
Rounding off of Transactions    
TA Claim of Actual Expenses   2.25
Certificate of drawing officer    2.26
Time limit for claim   2.28
Time table for Pension work   6.2
Security Deposits for Holding cash etc.   1.6
Specimen signatures of DDOs   2.11
Sub Vouchers-Cancellation & destruction   2.43
Submission of Accounts/Lists of Payment-Due date for     
(i) Cheque drawing DDO's    3.10
(ii) For DDO's funtioning on PWD/Forest Account pattern   3.12
Submission of Scrolls by Bank   3.13
Service Books Its maintenance  4.1
Its Custody  4.3
Attestation of Entries  4.4
Entries of Foreign Services  4.5
Nature of Entries in Service Books 4.7
Service Book Inspection by Govt. Servants 4.11
Entries regarding date of birth 4.12
Verification of Service 4.14
Copy of Service Book 4.16
Note regarding nominations 4.17
Stores General 9.1
Purchase and Consumption 9.2
Receipt of Stores 9.3
Issue of Stores 9.9
Transfer of charge 9.10
Custody & Accounts 9.11
Physical verification 9.14
Inventory of Stores 9.15
Write-off Losses/differences in stores 9.17
Undisbursed amounts   1.24
Vouchers Safe Custody 2.40
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