List of Major and Minor Heads of Account of Union and States(LMMH)

2Receipts Heads (Revenue Account) Tax Revenue
3Receipts Heads (Revenue Account) Non-Tax Revenue
4Expenditure Heads (Revenue Account) General Services
5Expenditure Heads (Revenue Account) Social Services
6Expenditure Heads (Revenue Account) Economic Services
7Receipts Heads (Capital Account)
8Expenditure Heads (Capital Account) Capital Account of General Services
9Expenditure Heads (Capital Account) Capital Account of Social Services
10Expenditure Heads (Capital Account) Capital Account of Economic Services
11Expenditure Heads (Capital Account) Grants-in-aid and Contributions and Public Debt
12Expenditure Heads (Capital Account) Loans and Advances
13Expenditure Heads (Capital Account) Inter-State Settlement
14Expenditure Heads (Capital Account) Transfer to Contingency Fund
15(Public Account) Small Savings, Provident Funds etc.
16(Public Account) Reserve Funds
17(Public Account) Deposits and Advances
18(Public Account) Suspense and Miscellaneous
19(Public Account) Remittances
20(Public Account) Cash Balance
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