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Software Implemented

1.   Pay Roll System


(i)           Features – Pay Roll System developed through Delhi NIC facilitates the generation of all type of bills by DDOs of Delhi Government.  It has the provision for online issue of LPC from one DDO to another, generation of electronic payment text file and its capturing in seem less manner without manual intervention by PAOs, auto capturing of GPF details of employees by PAOs with digital signature, in-built checks and balances to prevent the incident of data manipulation at the level of DDOs.


(ii)          Present Status – DDOs as on date are preparing all type of bills (except few category of bills i.e. payment bills in respect of Chief Minister/Dy. Chief Minister, Judges of Delhi High Court, Professors, Lecturers etc. of Training & Technical Education Department not granting 7th CPC scales).


(iii)         Achievements

·         Prevented the incident of manipulation in bill data and e-Payment instructions at the level of DDOs.

·         Availability of details of employees covered under Old Pension Scheme and New Pension Scheme.

·         Availability of retirees list.

·         Integration with GPF system for auto transfer of GPF subscription and advances/withdrawal details into GPF system.

·         Online transfer of LPC from one DDO to another.

·         Assignment of unique ID to each employee for tracking of payment details for entire service period.

2.   GPF System


(i)           Features – Maintenance of GPF accounts of the employees through PAOs started w.e.f. financial year 2005-06 which earlier were maintained centrally though GPF Cell.  System facilitates the generation of annual GPF statements after capturing GPF details by PAOs from Pay Roll.


(ii)          Present Status – The preparation of annual GPF statements by PAOs as on date is on the basis of data captured through the Integrated Pay Roll System and debiting the advances/withdrawals manually in the system at the time of passing the bills.


(iii)         Achievements

·         The integration of GPF system with Pay Roll has eliminated the manual posting of employee’s GPF subscriptions, GPF debits/withdrawals.

·         Preparation of annual GPF statements by PAOs (including calculation of interest) without manual intervention.

·         Issue of GPF statements with digital signature of PAOs and facility for issuing of manual GPF statements by DDOs and also to sent the statements on the recognized e-Mail of the employees.

3.   e-Lekha


(i)           Features – e-Lekha software developed through Delhi NIC facilitates the daily/monthly consolidation of accounts of receipts and payments of all PAOs (except PAO-22 who is maintaining the accounts of self drawing DDOs of PWD and I&FC departments and PAO-05 handling the pension payment matters of other State Governments) at the level of Principal Accounts Office.  Details of receipts and payments are consolidated daily/monthly in the system of PAOs and further uploaded on e-Lekha maintained in Principal Accounts Office.

(ii)          Present Status – With effect from the current financial year preparation of monthly accounts has started through e-Lekha without manual intervention both at the level of PAOs and Principal Accounts Office.  PAO-05 and 22 are however presently feeding the accounts manually in e-Lekha.

(iii)       Achievements

·         Implementation of e-Lekha has eliminated the manual preparation of accounts at the level of PAOs and Principal Accounts Office.

·         Integration of Delhi Government accounting system with PFMS for auto transfer of payment details of CSS.

·         Providing monthly account details to Planning and Finance Department in soft copy for their use as per requirements.

4.   SGST


(i)           Features – With the assignment of work related to reconciliation of accounting of SGST receipts to Principal Accounts Office w.e.f. July, 2017 software has been developed through Delhi NIC which facilitates the reconciliation of SGST receipts provided by RBI and GSTN and generation of various reports as per accounting requirements.


(ii)          Present Status – The reconciliation of accounting w.e.f. July, 2017 to till date has been successfully managed through the system except 21 transactions worth value of Rs. 1.50 lakhs for the last financial year and Rs. 74000/- for the current financial year which have been referred to the RBI and GSTN for providing necessary details and would be sorted out shortly.



(iii)       Achievements


·         The responsibility of reconciliation of accounting of GST receipts assigned to this office has been successfully achieved.

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