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The Directorate of Information & Publicity (DIP), located at Block IX. Old Secretariat, Delhi-110054, INDIA, is entrusted with the job of informing and publicizing the programmes, policies and activities of the Government of NCT of Delhi for citizens' welfare, particularly for weaker section of society. Its objective are:

  1. to provide information to the public about its policies, programs and services that is accurate, complete, objective, timely, relevant and understandable;
  2. to take into account the concerns and views of the public in establishing priorities, developing policies and implementing programs; and
  3. to ensure that the government is visible, accessible and answerable to the public that it serves.

The Department has been performing its tasks through 8 units by engaging mass media such as print, TV, radio and internet among others. For all its brand (campaign) advertising and functional (non-campaign) advertising, the DIP engages the services of empanelled advertising agencies of Delhi Government and for services which are not qualitatively covered by the empanelled advertising agencies, it resorts to the media, production house and individual creative enterprises in the market by following codal formalities.

The Department is headed by a Director, who functions under the overall supervision of the Principal Secretary, Information and Public Relations, Government NCT of Delhi. The Director is assisted by the Deputy Directors, Information Officers, Assistant Information Officers, Field Publicity Officer and Publicity Assistants in carrying out the work entrusted to the Directorate. The officers of the Directorate look after the publicity work of the different departments of the Government of Delhi andfor this purpose the Information officers and Assistant Information Officers are attached with different dignitaries like Lieutenant Governor Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Chief Minister and other Ministers for the publicity of the departments under them. On the Administrative side, the Director is assisted by an Administrative Officer, Office Superintendent and Account Officer along with other administrative staff under them.

The Directorate accomplishes the information dissemination and publicity functions through its 8 units namely, Press Unit, Hospitality Unit, Publication Unit, Research and Reference Unit, Advertisement Unit, Field Publicity Unit, Film & Video Publicity Unit and Photo Unit.

Deputy Chief Minister
Manish Sisodia
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