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Dated: the 13/09/1978
The Lt. Governor, Delhi, is pleased to make the following rules for regulating the conditions for the release of advertisement to newspapers etc, and fixation of rates in respect thereof namely:-
1. These rules may be called Delhi Administration Advertisement Rules (Amendment) 1978.
2. (a) In these Rules, an 'approved paper' means a paper approved by the Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting for release of advertisement by Delhi Administration.
(b) 'Director' means the Director of Information & Publicity, Delhi Administration, Delhi, so far as advertisements from the Directorate of Information & Publicity and other offices of the Administration are concerned and the Director of Family Welfare relating to the advertisements from his office.
(c) 'Administration' means Delhi Administration.
(d) 'Advertisement' means any advertisement whether classified or displayed released by Delhi Administration.
( e ) 'Paper' means any printed periodical work containing public news registered under the Press and Registration of the Books Act, 1867 (Central Act 25 of 1867).
3. The Director will release display advertisements as per the guidelines approved by the Executive Council from time to time to the newspapers, Journals and magazines on the rates as approved by Delhi Administration taking into consideration the rates fixed by the Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity on the basis of circulation of the paper, the strata of the society it caters, the importance of the space to be utilized and other factors.
4. The Director will release the advertisements involving expenditure not exceeding Rs. 500 in each case.
5. (i) All Departments of Govt. other than the Courts of Law shall, unless immediate publication by them is necessary to avert any direct resultant loss to the Government will send their advertisements for publication in the approved papers to the Director sufficiently in advance to the date by which day they are intended to be published stating generally the field of operation of the approved papers in which they are to be published (a Department which resultant loss, may give a certificate to the effect and intimate it to the Director).

(ii) All Advertisements received by the Director, shall normally be released to the approved papers in the form in which they have been received, but the Director shall, whenever necessary, with a view to economise space, waive the right to make essential amendments in the layout and composition thereof.
6. The Director may also release advertisements to the souveniour or yearbook published in Delhi up to a maximum of Rs. 500 in each case, but such releases shall not be made to oblige any party or simply to finance any organization. The total expenditure on this account ,would not exceed 10% of the budget provision allocated specifically for the release of the advertisements. Prior approval of Chief Executive Councillor will be obtained for releasing advertisements to those publications.

The Director shall determine the rate of advertisements to be given in Souveniours, Yearbooks etc., keeping in view all relevant factors including the size of the advertisement, its publicity, potential, circulation, the strategical importance of the page on which the advertisements is to be published etc.

8. In selecting newspapers, magazines and periodicals for Government advertisements and campaigns, due regard shall be paid to:-
(a) effective circulation (normally papers having a paid circulation below 1000 are not used)
(b) regularity in publication (normally a period of six months un-interrupted publication)
(c) class of readership,
(d) adherence to accepted standards of journalistic ethics, and
(e) other factors such as pulling power, production standards, the language and areas intended to      be covered within the available funds.
9. Where it is considered necessary or expedient in public interest to do so, the Director may, not-withstanding anything contained in these rules, release advertisement to any newspaper/magazines, if such advertisement is considered necessary, with the prior approval of Chief Executive Councillor.
10. Payment of bills of advertisements pertaining to the Directorate of Information & Publicity will be made by the Director, payment of bills pertaining to other advertisements shall be made by the concerned department that sends the advertisements, to the Director for release.
11. .No payment shall be made of any bill, if the advertisement to which it relates has been:-
(a) published after the expiry of the date by which it was required to be published
(b) published incorrectly, and
(c) without obtaining written order of the Competent Authority.
12. The Director shall see that an approved paper does not contravene the above rules and for this purpose, he may:
(a) Verify the circulation, regularity etc. of the approved papers with the statistics maintained by the Registrar of Newspaper of India.
(b) Consult the Central Press Council or the Accreditation Committee of Delhi Admn., if he entertains doubts that the approved paper is not following the required ethical standard or publishing distorted news with a view to malign Delhi Admn.
13. If any approved paper does not remain true to or contravenes any of the conditions specified above, the Director may remove forever or for a specific period the name of the paper and no Govt. advertisement shall thereafter, or during such period as ordered, be released to such papers.
14. Rules circulated vide this Administration's letter No.F.2 (39)/74-PRO, dated 20.9.75 are hereby cancelled.
  By Order,
(C.D. Sharma) Dy. Secretary (PR)
Delhi Admn.; Delhi.
  No. F.2(106)/77 - PRO/                                                            Dated: the 13.9.78
  Copy forwarded for information to the: -
1. Secy. to the Govt. of India, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, New Delhi.
2. All Heads of Deptts. Delhi Admn., Delhi.
3. All Local Offices under the Delhi Admn.
4. All Departments of the Delhi Admn., Sectt.
5. Secy. to the C.E.C./Executive Councillors(Medical, Labour, Revenue).
6. Director of Information & Publicity, Delhi.
7. Public Relations Deptt. (Two copies) for publication in Part-IV of the Delhi Gazette (Ordinary).
8. Under Secy.(Languages), Delhi Admn., Delhi for the record of Language Deptts. (Two copies).
9. Pvt. Secy. to Chairman Metropolitan Council, Delhi.
(C.D. Sharma)
Dy. Secretary(PR), Delhi Admn., Delhi.
Deputy Chief Minister
Manish Sisodia
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