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Permit Fees And Permit Period

Local Permit

S.No. Type of Vehicle Fee Payable Permit Period
(1) Light goods Vehicle (LGV) 2000/-
Rs. 500 (authorization)
5 yrs.
1 yrs.
(2) Heavy Goods Vehicle 2500/- 5 yrs.

National Permit

S.No. Type of Vehicle Fee Payable Permit Period
(1) Light goods Vehicle (LGV) 2015/-
Rs. 500 (authorization)
5 yrs.
1 yrs.
(2) Heavy Goods Vehicle 2515/- 5 yrs.

For obtaining National Permit for any category of vehicle one should opt for at least three states excluding Delhi. Composite fee as stipulated by the concerned states, in the form of Bank Drafts has also to be deposited with STA, Delhi.

Composite fee applicable in few of the states is as under:-

S.No. State Fee Payable
(1) Haryana 5000/-
(2) Rajasthan 5000/-
(3) U.P. 5000/-
(4) M.P. 5000/-
(5) H.P. 5000/-
(6) J&K 5000/-
(7) Punjab 5000/-
(8) Bihar 5000/-
(9) Gujarat 5000/-
(10) Maharashtra 5000/-
(11) Orissa 5000/-
(12) W.Bengal 5000/-
(13) Kerala 5000/-
(14) Assam 5000/-
(15) Meghalaya 5000/-
(16) Tamil Nadu 3000/-
(17) Andhra Pradesh 3000/-
(18) Chandigarh 1500/-
(19) Pondicherry 1500/-

S.No. Type of Vehicle Fee Payable Permit Period
(1) Light goods Vehicle (LGV) 1215/- For 5 yrs.
(2) Heavy Goods Vehicle 1615/- For 5 yrs.
(3) Contract Carriage Permit for buses 1100/- For 5 yrs.
(4) All India Tourist Permit for buses 500/- For 1 yr
(5) Stage Carriage Permit for Red line, Blue lines, Suvidha and Interstate Permits (Renewal fee) 1100/- For 5 yrs
(6) Point to Point Permit 500/- For 4 months
(7) Counter signature for Haryana & Punjab State

LGV 1500/- 5 yrs

HMV 2500/- 5 yrs
(8) Counter Signature for other State Stage Carriage 2500/- 5 yrs
(9) Temporary Permit @ Rs. 20/- per day issued subject to tax paid to Borders.
(10) Authorization of AITPs for other states minimum two states are issued on submitting authorization fee as stipulated by different states either with home state or at border.

A permit other than temporary permit issued under section 87 or a special permit or a special permit issued under sub section (8) of section 88 shall be effective (from the date of issuance or renewal thereof) for a period of 5 years. The fee for the renewal of permit is same as issuance of permit fee. For the renewal of permit the applicant has to submit application (PRA) along with permit renewal fee and other requirements 15 days before the expiry of said permit. If any fee is not paid by the due date, the following late fee shall be payable for the renewal of permits.

Type of Vehicle Late Fee Payable
Upto the Expiry of Permit After the Expiry of Permit
Auto Rickshaw Fifty rupees Fifty rupees plus three rupees per day
Local Taxis One hundred rupees One hundred rupees plus ten rupees per day
Light Motor Vehicles/ Medium Motor Vehicles/ Deluxe Taxis/ All India Tourist Taxis Two hundred rupees Two hundred rupees plus fifty rupees per day
Heavy Motor Vehicles/ Heavy Goods Vehicle Three hundred rupees Three hundred rupees plus twenty rupees per day

f any fee is not paid by the due date in case of All India Tourist Permit/ National permits/ Interstate Permit a late fee at the rate of rupees twenty per day shall be paid by the vehicle owner before the issue/ renewal thereof. The fee for the issue of duplicate permit shall be half of the permit fee.

Replacement of Vehicle

The holder of a permit may, with the permission of authority by which the permit was granted, replace any vehicle covered by the permit by any other vehicle of the same nature.A period of 4 months is allowed for the replacement of vehicle in a permit which is deposited on replacement mode, from the date of deposit of permit. Beyond this period, the replacement is allowed after charging the composition fee in pursuance of by the STA Resolution No. 20/2005 dated 29.10.2005 which is reproduced as below: -

a) For first 30 days after the lapse of four months - @ Rs.10/- per day
b) From 31st to 60th day after the lapse of four months - @ Rs.20/- per day
c) From 61st to 120th day after the lapse of four months - @ Rs.40/-per day
d) From 121st to 180th day after the lapse of four months - @ Rs.60/-per day
e) From 181st day after the lapse of four months - @ Rs. 100/- per day

and such restoration of permit is subject to the approval of Competent Authority.

Requirement of PAN Card and Bank A/c Number at the time of grant/ renewal and transfer of permit State Transport Authority, Government of NCT of Delhi in its meeting held on 7.4.2006 and 18.4.2006 inter-alia vide Resolution No. 21/ 2006 has resolved that the applicant shall submit a self-attested photocopy of PAN card and Bank A/c Number at the time of grant / renewal or transfer of permit for all types of transport vehicles. The PAN Card and Bank A/c number shall form part of the office record and maintained in the computerized data record. Requirement of Speed Limiting Device
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